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  • Where quality, precision and service live!
  • Offering personalized attention - your problem is our problem.
  • Manufacturing the "building blocks" of precision instrument assemblies.
  • Focusing on fully integrated turnkey subsystems and instruments.
  • Performing manufacturing systems integration.
  • Home of the largest selection of Precision Mechanical Components and Assemblies.
  • Large inventory of Industrial Standard Components.
  • Manufacturer of Precision Gears
        - miter gears, bevel gears, helical gears, anti-backlash gears, spur gears, custom gears, and special gears
        - internal gears, cluster gears, hubless gears, gear blanks, gear racksManufacturer of precision racks
  • Rectangular racks, round racks, fine pitch racks
  • Manufacturer of Worms and worm wheels, worm shafts and worm and wheel boxes
  • Offers a full line of ball bearings, thrust bearings, linear bearings, bronze bearings, press bearings, bearing housings, bearing relubrication
  • Offers a full line of shoulders screws, machine screws, socket screws, set screws, locking screws, captive screws, thumb screws, nuts and washers small parts, precision components, miniature components.
  • Offers miniature chain, chain sprockets, flexible chain, drive belts, pulleys, timing belts, idlers, pulley stock, timing belt slip clutch, pulleys
  • One stop for all your needs.
Adres satırı 1 426 Federal Road
Adres satırı 2
Eyalet/İl CT
Ülkeler United States
Posta kodu 06804
Telefon (800) 243-0986
Dahili Telefon
Faks (203) 775-6552
E-posta 3dps@nordex.com
Şirket Web Sitesi http://www.nordex.com
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